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Welcome to KidCare Early Learning Centre

As professional early childhood educators, we understand the importance of having a secure and safe environment, the cultivation of development and the catering for the individual needs of each and every child in our care is important to you. That’s why here at Kidcare we strive towards these 3 important values to ensure we meet your standards, as our parents, and that we meet the needs of every individual child.

Our fun, friendly and supportive environment ensures every child reaches their full potential on each day they attend, with an abundance of learning resources and highly motivated and qualified staff to foster their learning and provide each child with opportunity to play and learn.
A child’s home environment and background is pivotal to our values as an Early Learning Centre. We strive to build to relationships with families, for you as the parent, are your child’s first and foremost influential teacher. Gaining ideas and interests through family involvement guarantees extensive learning opportunities for your child whilst here at KidCare.

Our motto at KidCare is simple - Learning, Playing and Growing through social interactions with students and teachers, engaging in learning experiences and exploring our natural environment are essential tools in the development of young children and becoming the person they come to be.

If you are looking for care for your child, we encourage you to come and see us.  Please give us a call to arrange a time to meet us on (02) 9743 7896…we look forward to hearing from you!
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